Nikki Baksh

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an immensely loving + heightened soul

Being an immensely loving + heightened soul, Nikki has always had the gift of intuition. Born in Trinidad and raised in New York City, Nikki’s passion for life and her adventurous spirit were brought together by her desire for constant growth.


Nikki awakened at an early age, being able to see, feel, and correspond with energy that was metaphysical. Her early childhood experiences intrigued her and she began to immerse herself in spiritual and religious traditions worldwide. After a near death experience at the age of 30, Nikki felt that this was another “awakening” to embrace a part of her lineage and family shamanism by clearing ancestral and personal karma.


As a dancer, actress, and published international author, her work expresses the human experience in its most raw, brilliant, honest form. Her professional background as one of NYC’s leading teachers breathed life into creating a need for balance, preservation, and restoration within herself. In 2009, she created her own unique brand, Organic Body Sculpting® and in 2012, she received her 200 HR YTT in Costa Rica. She has studied with and assisted both Alan Finger (Kriya + Tantric Master) and his wife, Sarah Finger (personal teacher to Dr. Deepak Chopra) in New York City.
She is a certified 500 hour Yoga and Kriya Meditation teacher in the ISHTA Lineage, and proudly shares her online teachings privately and in group classes. Even during the Covid pandemic, Nikki’s Rooftop classes at ALO Yoga Sanctuary in Williamsburg were well received, making her internationally sought after.


Nikki’s concentrated studies in Theatre Arts & Comparative Religions, allow for her to nurture, educate & guide students to transcend the sensory world of being over stimulated and gently return to our pure essence of consciousness, love & balance. Traveling the globe since childhood, Nikki’s passion for different cultures and her connection to various arts, spiritual traditions, foods and interconnectivity between people and culture stirred her passion to take her retreats to global and exotic destinations. As a teacher, Nikki has taught classes and led retreats in NYC, Miami, Paris, Tulum, Greece, Bali, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris, Switzerland, Bosnia and Denmark.


To Nikki, laughter is the cure for the aching soul. Her personal journey from overcoming childhood trauma, sexual assault, and domestic violence continues to heal with immense amounts of laughter and movement. She believes in sharing her process with others, and showing them that through acknowledgment, acceptance, releasing, and finding blissful moments of daily gratitude, life can + will be renewed and restored.


She also believes that dancing is the cure for the aching mind. Movement of the body has been an ancient practice of stress relief, revitalization and a release of stored seeds of trauma. As a professional dancer, Nikki loves incorporating dance based movement throughout her yoga flows. Whether teaching a Vinyasa, Slow Flow, Yin, or Restorative yoga class, one can experience elements of dance to invoke a new breath of energy within the myofascial body system. Her latest creation called Nikki Baksh: The Movement unites yogis and dancers together to deconstruct choreography “off the mat.” Energy is released in the form of subconscious movement and becomes a foundational healing process.


For Nikki, breath and movement are one. Dance is guided movement incorporating breath, wisdom of the soul, and expression of the heart. She believes that just as yoga is universal, so too is dance. When we move our bodies to the rhythm of spirit and music, we “give goodness” to the entire being.


All source of happiness dwells within me.

Utbildningar och Erfarenhet

Besides being a professional performer and artist, Nikki’s certifications include:


International 500+ Certified YOGA Teacher ISHTA lineage NYC + Marianne Well’s, Costa Rica
Certified kriya Meditation Teacher, Alan Finger
Yoga Nidra and Ayurveda Teacher, Mona Anand
Yatri Training (Yoga for Emotional Healing – Reema Datta)
Anti-Gravity Yoga (Chris Harrison)
Yoga Essentials I & II
REIKI – Master Level
Past Live Regression
AFAA: Primary Group Fitness
NIKE: Training Club Instructor
LES MILLS: Body Combat/ CX Worx,
NESTA: Personal Training
SCHWINN: Indoor Cycling
Golden Hearts: Senior Fitness
Urban Rebounding
Organic, Natural and Healthy Course
CPR/AED certified
PHYL Liability Insurance

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